Views from the plane window

Ok now that’s cool

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Sunrise on my flight from LAS-MIA On an American 737 around two months ago.


Really cool.

I don’t have too many wing views saved but here’s what I do have…

Loganair ATR 42 landing in to London City.

BA A350 en-route to Dubai

Citation Mustang climbing out of Manchester Airport

Phenom 300 D-CASH off the coast of Italy heading from London to Malta.




Honestly, the A350 is my favourite long haul aircraft to fly on as a passenger.

MUC-ATH Aegean A320neo



Found a few more in my phone…

Beechjet 400A on approach in to Isle of Man, my home airport. One @AdamCallow should recognise.

Phenom 100 en-route from Manchester to Isle of Man


Hong Kong from KLM Dreamliner KL887

Next day, oposite view;
KLM Dreamliner KL887 from Hong Kong


Here are some pics from a while back! a Turkish Airlines 737-8max from Istanbul Ataturk (The old, now close airport) to Toulouse with some great views!

Climbing out the clouds from IST.

Beautiful Sunrise from behind

Approaching the Alps now!

The plane did a weird turn to fly slightly further south to avoid flying over the Alps.

Now approaching Toulouse and cloud surfing!

After a long time in the clouds we’re finally beneath the clouds on landing in Toulouse… Its quite cloudy here in Europe today!

Thanks for looking at all my pics

I’ll show the flight back later this week, a TK 737-800


A retired airport
A grounded aircraft

but most importantly

A 737MAX flying to Airbus Factory airport


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Wow! The engine it is giant! It looks bigger than I thought it would be.

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Thought I’d post some nice looking ones. Both old and recent

Pic of a snowy Manhattan from a Delta MD88 (rip) KLGA-KFLL, February 2014

Same flight but a pic of Newark (KEWR) from the other side

Landing in Washington DC (KDCA) with a great view of the Washington Monument. On a US Airways Express CRJ 200 from KISP in April 2014 (AA no longer flies this route)

Landing in one of my favorite places, Key West. Same trip as the above photo, KDCA-KEYW on a US Airways Express E175. We ended up parking next to a Delta 737-700 which recently got retired.

Over somewhere in the central United States on a US Airways A321. KJFK-KPHX in July 2014

Feel like I may of posted this one months ago, but it’s one of my favorites. Over the Alps on a Delta B767-400ER from KJFK to LIPZ in July 2017.

One of my favorites from about 2 years ago, departing KJFK to MMUN on an American B737-800. Nice view of Brooklyn and Staten Island with bits of Manhattan by the wing

And from a recent trip about a month ago. Blasting out of Atlanta above the clouds on a Delta B757-200 KATL-KJFK

And the same trip on the way back to Atlanta on a Delta B767-400ER KJFK-KATL