Views From The Airport Terminal


Taken from my trip from Phoenix in November 2017


VX Plane parked up at LAX (N284VA)

Alaska 737 in the new livery (N508AS) also sorry for the reflection 😂

My plane (N638VA), I was flying from LAX-JFK on AS1406


Wow just looking at the Lufathsana A340 I already knew it was KATL lol

That’s how u know I connect there A LOT


Cool @Pilot_urp! I wish to fly on an A340 one day before they go out of service. How are they?


Scimitars and eyebrow windows. Ooohhhh thats rare


N908WN (The southwest new painting livery) is my plane to PHX. Its my first time on a Heart Livery plane!


Airfast MD-80 at Solo/Surakarta


Herr is N908WN again once we reached the gate at PHX.

I made a trip report if you want to look at it here:
My trip report


At the airport right now and N475WN is my plane


Feel free to track it. Exited I am here!


Are you on WN3675 KPHX-KDEN?


Yes. I am not continuing onto Detroit though.


Caught this A321N here at KLAS in July going to KSFO. I flew the Alaska Airlines 738 100th Anniversary aircraft to Seattle then connecting from EVA airways to Taipei.


This was in Taipei, they had so many Special Liveries…

On the way back from taipei to Seattle to Vegas, I also flew 739 More to Love but I didn’t get a picture ;-;


Couple from Jersey. EGJJ back in the summer.


I’m on mobile so I can’t see which image is which, but here’s a collection from Paris CDG, Berlin Tegel and Abu Dhabi from April 2016




Taken last 20Sep at RPLL




Taken on my handy dandy iPhone 6s+ at KPHL! Absolutely love the AA livery on the E-Jet. (CLICK FOR FULL QUALITY)