Views From The Airport Terminal


Departing shortly…Southwest flight 3190

Security line took a while to get through…

This afternoon’s lineup at KPWM…this is as busy as I’ve ever seen it…


This is in the Lufthansa new livery atm:


At Frankfurt you can get so close to the 747-8i!


Going to KSEA from KSFO today. This picture was taken at KSFO. I had no time to take more


I loove virgin america. My favorite airline!!


Here are my best:


I only have these pictures :

  1. Garuda Indonesia A332 at WIII International terminal

  1. Garuda Indonesia B738 being pushed back at WIBB

  1. Garuda Indonesia B738 sit on a gate also at WIII




Here a few pictures my mother took before she boarded her flight to Toronto today at Schiphol.

The KLM 777 departed for Tehran,Iran and the KLM 747 next to it departed for Hong Kong

Few more KLM aircraft

This is the plane my Mom is currently on to Toronto.


Taken at CYYZ


I never knew Cathay Pacific went to CYYZ. Interesting.


Montréal, 4 months ago


Phoenix is where I live.


Getting ready to fly out from Boston!


Dang, @Chris_Hoover! You get to fly on Southwest! Lucky!


I’d much rather American, oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️


This was all at 1 place?



read the captions people it’s not that hard


Some pics from Sea-Tac (KSEA)