Views From The Airport Terminal


Melbourne airport


Spotted a 717 at Melbourne


United 777, Icelandair Hekla Aurora 757, and LH 744.


spots this 2 days ago


Handful from TBIT:


Thanks @BluePanda900 for changing the category. I was at KSFO about to board when I created this topic, so I was in a rush. :)


Here are some of mine from when i flew last January :)

Southwest 737-700 at the gate

At Baltimore

At Baltimore again, with our ride to Cleveland


Only photo taken on my phone from here :)

It’s all Southwest, since I flew Southwest :)


Shannon Ireland


Is that an MD-11 at a gate in the Background?

Looks like a Saudi Airline


Looks like Saudi Cargo and for some reason that’s parked at the terminal


This is an odd sight seeing a cargo plane at the Terminal (Except when Alaskan had their 737-400Combi). It also seems to be docked at the gate


It also has an American registration (N776ML)


Found it
Ex Saudi and works for International Aerospace group


Yeah its a ex Saudi plane they sold it to someone


Did you go up to where it was parked? I am curious to know if it was really docked at the Gate, which is really odd if it was


yeah it was parked on the tarmac for a couple of days then they parked it up at the gate I was very close to it tough


They might have stuff inside the cargo hold and hence why they were at the gate (like research things)


It’s for the cargo handler to get on to hand all the paperwork because they didn’t have stairs on the tarmac


EWR while waiting for trip to Iceland :D