Views From The Airport Terminal



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Dang! That is a really nice close up of the Queen of the Skies! :D



These photos are from Sydney intl airport


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N8532S on my KSEA-KSJC flight earlier this month

Taken at KSJC


These photos are really amazing, the original plane is so beautiful.



I was born in Florida, what are you implying?


I’m not saying everyone from Florida is weird, but they definitely have a reputation… 😂


I’ll agree with that 😂


Gonna sneak in a few from the wing 🤫
I also saw the JetBlue FDNY Plane at MRLB (from in the terminal). It was incredible. While there I also saw the Disney Frozen WestJet, but got so caught up in it, I forgot to take a photo 🤭