Views From The Airport Terminal


Shoot! I forgot to send pictures of my recent Portland Trip earlier this month


Canyon Blue was N288WN KSJC-KPDX WN1828

Heart was N570WN KPDX-KSJC WN4892 (this was also the first time I was in a Heart Livery Southwest plane


Last one didn’t upload btw 😉


Eh, I just removed it

It was basically the same image but in a different angle


Some from NOV 2017

First one is N466WN (Now in Heart Livery)
Other 2 unknown


@BigBert10 guess the airport ;)


By saying @BigBert10, it’s obvious that the airport is KSJC.


Ooh that’s nice


Yeah,I rode on NRT-SJC once,soaked up the Bay Area,then flew on Southwest to LAX.



She’s a tiny beauty isint she?


Does the jetbridge count?


A view from Heathrow’s tower again. This time it’s as G-BNWX a 767 delivered to BA in 1994 rotates off 27L for the last time. After 24 years as a workhorse for BA it’s completed it’s last flight today to St. Athan in south Wales where it will be dismantled. I’m happy to say I’ve flown on this aircraft and it’s sad to see it go. This continues BAs 767 retirement plan which concludes this December.


I’m going to miss them!😭


Me too! Going to miss the roar they make whilst charging down the runway😢


Yeah. I saw them a lot in Madrid.


Kind of counts


Doing RDU-CLT-ORD-PHL-MBJ. Here’s a view of PHL


view of my plane from OKC Gate 24 back in September


Lufthansa A321 from Frankfurt and CRJ900 from Munich at Brussels.

Star Alliance lineup at Brussels.

Austrian 777 at Vienna.

Emirates 777-200LR at DXB.