Views From The Airport Terminal


This is not like spotting. Post here with pictures from the airport terminal like in front of the gate. Haven’t seen any other topic like this so I thought I would create this to see some cool pictures from the airport terminal

Here are some of mine.

These were from KSFO.

airport photos

Does this count?

I know it’s outside a plane window - I couldn’t find a picture outside a gate

This was taken in Melbourne btw


Here’s a few mine too.
All mades in my last trips, of course!

From Milan Bergamo Orio al Serio

From Cagliari Elmas

From Milan Malpensa

From Dubai Intl.

From London Heathrow


The first picture looks amazing!!!


Yes the sunrise in the background looks spectacular!


This was taken at Toronto Pearson, last April

Took a picture of the plane my Mom flew to France that day


Does the tower count? It’s connected to the terminal all photos are from London Heathrow.



Does the carpark count? This was taken from the T4 carpark at YMML


Here are some



Some whare near the threashold for 28R at KFLL


This person is risking his life :o


What person is risking thieir life?


On the first pic, no security vest


Oh ya, the people on the SWA ramp seemed verry cavilear, verry few of them had safter vests, and they sometimes rode on the backs of the little tractor things, but it is florda what do you expect


Pardon my Switzerland x)


From Denver Int’l - KDEN

From Phoenix Sky Harbor - KPHX

From Washington Dulles - KIAD (sorry for the blurriness)

From Puerto Vallarta Int’l - MMPR


Kuala Lumpur Sepang (KLIA2)

Jakarta Soekarno Hatta (Terminal 2)

Singapore Changi (Terminal 2)

Spotting Areas on these photos

  • WIII (Jakarta Soekarno Hatta)
  • WMKK (Kuala Lumpur Sepang)
  • WSSS (Singapore Changi)


We are on vacation here in florda, and not to offend anyone from florda, but everyone here seems to not care that much about stiff


If I were you I would rename this “Best Terminal Spotting pics”.


From Abu Dhabi. Sorry, snuck one in from the plane window!