Views from Aviation museum in Belgrade

20161027_175510_HDR 20161027_175347_HDR 20161027_175331_HDR 20161027_175320_HDR
Belgrade Aviation museum, Belgrade, Serbia


Nice photos, remember though 10 photos to a post.

Nice pics!
Lot’s of shots of the Dakota! A special love for that beauty? New aircraft feature request perhaps? ;-)

Nice topic although I am still learning my aircraft (yes a real aviation noob; I am sorry & am trying my best to learn as I go) that are not in IF or not operating in my local airport such as the U-2. I would only request aircraft type with each photo. I am not complaining, still beautiful photos & documenting a museum I most likely will be unavailable to visit in person. Thank you.

this aircraft isnt operated anymore, personally i wont fly this plane in IF and i dont think it is neccesry

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