Views Across the Atlantic from Above 10 Million Feet

And how do you do this

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SVUQ, according to the original poster, is the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Orgnaisation) code for the airport where it’s glitched to the point where you should be able to glitch into the ground with an F-22, reach to at least somewhere at minus fifty thousand feet (-50,000) or minus five hundred thousand feet (-500,000), then pull up and you’ll be launched into space (this is according to primary information I have) (I believe you’re suppose to get down to minus five hundred thousand feet but I believe someone should be able to confirm this)!


Hi everyone, I’ve been to space 4 times in the last 2 days and I’m not sure it’s a glitch. I went up this morning to 95mil ft beforei ended the flight because i couldn’t get the plane stable .On two other occasions last night while free falling inside the earth, the app crashed and I immediately spawned into a new airport on solo. As soon as I got airborne I was being pulled back towards the ground and ended up spinning around down there for almost 15 min before being launched out. Sounds crazy but I can almost make it happen whenever.


Not necessarily. I just went in 30 min ago and went down to-340000ft up to 5500000ft…like i said ive been trying different things for a couple of days and it pretty much seems like as long as I do a few things. I can almost get out for sure almost anywhere

Its -500k. I just tried -50k and -100k

Oh alright, thanks for the clarification!

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Just did it but in an eternal 720° spin (vertical spinning as well as horizontally) up to 20mil. It’s kind of cool. Good veiws.

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@Mavic *Looks down and shakes head. (He is the record holder) Bow before him 😂

And so do I.

@Hellople @KGJT-9149 @CrackerJack


But did he do it in an eternal spin? Which glitches out your phone

What have I done to get mentioned, get a statement and get laughed at for a record (not being rude, just a logical and comeback question)?

@Hellople this is why

Confirmed 👍

If you take offense for this, well sorry. This is a friendly community, not The Jeremy Kyle Show.

I never said I was even offended, it was a comeback question :/.

I never said you did take offense

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A goal of mine is to get higher than 10M feet. I’ve never been able to get higher than that 😞


Really? That was my first try funnily enough.

I tried in an XCub… I got to -353,000ft then the game crashed 😂