Viewing transition altitudes

Hey guys, I am going to take my IFATC written test tomorrow, I am just wondering if someone is requesting a transition, what altitude should I give them, and how can I view the altitude?

2500ft + airport altitude = transition altitude

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You should always do 1000 feet above where jets fly in the pattern.

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Always round up to nearest 500ft


More info 😉


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Thanks guys I’m starting to get it now

If you are controlling tower and you have given pilot “transition altitude approval command” on their request and they fly through your airspace and away from your airspace. Would you request them “Say Intentions” or Simple give them “frequency change approved” command unless they request “inbound for T/G or landing”?

If they request a frequency change, it probably means that they’re intending to depart your airspace

Their intentions are to perform the transition, like they requested. If they exit your airspace, send “frequency change approved.” If they request a frequency change, same thing. If they request inbound for landing/T&G, give them a pattern entry. Don’t ask for their intentions, though, as they’ve already stated them to you. :)

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@Bill_Jones just to confirm, a transition altitude is always 2500 feet above the Airport Elevation.

For example, if your airport is 597 feet high, you would add 2500 to 597, which will get you 3,097ft, which is rounded to 3100ft as the transition altitude.

I saw a few incorrect answers here so I just wanted to confirm before you make a mistake on your test(s). Good luck!

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