Viewing statistics

How do I view my statistics?

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Head over to settings, and under the Account section, you’d be able to click on the button that is labelled “View Stats”. It should have all the information you need there.


I want to see how many violations I have in total since the start of my account but I’ve had my account since Infinite Flight begun. You can see other users in the game but can’t see my own. It only shows recent violations (I have none).

There should be a button that says “violation history” click that and it should show all violations.

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Mine doesn’t show any

Well, that means that you don’t have any or after 365 days they went away.

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If you want to see the number of violations you have since the beginning follow these steps:

  1. Load any replay you have of a flight
  2. Go to the map
  3. Click on your plane
  4. Press “show details”
  5. It will being up a screen showing your grade, stats and number of all time violations

Hope this helps 🙂

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You have no violations at all,hence you can’t see them! Well Done! Was this post to flex that?😂

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No I’m sure I have a few violations from when I first started playing IF years ago

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That’s what I’m saying,you have absolutely no violations,you should be proud of your self!

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