View the flightpath of another planes, directly during Live flight

I suggest a feature for Live inflight experience…

Informations when you select a aircraft : Bold is new features i suggest.

Callsign - Airline
Route only if player have set the flight plan.

Exemple with my data:

TR9918 - TravelSky
Airbus A320
KLAX-KNUC (my most frequently route)
7700 (for atc Watch you have an emergency and have the priority to land)

This is just an example…

Can you do it?

Trolls would just absuse this and squawk 7700 all the time. As much as I would like this to see, squawking won’t work

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If you select a plane, look in the upper-left corner. It will display the callsign, user’s name, altitude, ground speed, online flight time, etc. You can view the flight plan of another airplane, however you will loose your current flight plan (if you already filed one). Select the “map and info” and then select the aircraft and copy flight plan. But not correcting you, it would be nice to see someone else’s flight plan mid flight and to see a current flight time. Great point

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