View Recenter?

I was wondering if when you are in the cockpit view, if there is a way to reset or recenter the view so it looks forward? I find it hard to recenter on your own from time to time.

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I tried it and it didnt do it. does that only work on a certain platform?

Double tap the screen, or quickly tap the camera button until you get back to cockpit view.

When you tried to double tap, were you close to the center already? Sometimes on my iPad double tapping does not work in that situation. Try going extremely far off center and double tapping.

no, I was all the way to the right

Idk then, the only other time I have had trouble with this feature is when I double tap near the selector for nav. I use to use that empty area to reset the view before it was a button, now it is one of my a bad habits… I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve randomly selected ils/gps approaches while trying to center the view.

Maybe it is a device issue. I’ve only used iPads and iPhones.

Double tapping always works for me, changed this to support as the feature is not functioning correctly.

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Double tap to center won’t work if you also are touching any other part of the screen.