View Recent Flights

Hello All,

I don’t have a concept made for this feature so i’ll walk you through it (if someone has already made this topic please let me know)

When you click on a players name it gives you basic information ( example : Altitude / GS / FPL / ICAO etc)

I think it would be really cool to see something else on this screen , a tab which says “view recent player display name flights
and when you click it , it gives you all the recent flights in the last week , last month , last year!
Along with total flight time , aircraft

i think this would be a great feature as it will allow other users to see where people have been flying, it’s a small feature which will improve this sim further in my opinion

If anyone agrees please hit that VOTE! 🗳

Sounds like too much data to get for such a minor thing. Also, I can’t quite imagine how it will work without a popup window, which will be too much layers (camera < map < player info < table)


I would like this! However I think that this feature would not make the sim “more realistic” because that is the main point of the game! And this will just add a thing we’re you can see we’re outher people have been flying to
But good Idea!

What If I told you they should add this to the replay section of your game so you can see your own flights that you flew in the last week, month or year. But it schould also save the route and the alttitude you flew at. For exapmle if you did a step Climb it schould tell you how high you were at a specific waypiont so you can fly the same route again how you flew it last time. How does this sound.😉

God damn just noticed that this already exist😂 but it doesn’t save the route and the alttitude so this new feature schould be added to that.

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oh okay 👌🏼