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Hello there community
I’m writing this because i want to know if there is another method of finding out how smooth your landing was/landing details, now, I’m aware that you can do this with your PC and liveflight connect but my computer is not with me and i would like to know if there is another way of finding that out.

You can always check the Vertical Speed at the exact time of touchdown!

Sadly, the vs does not show in replays ):


Yeah that would work but i tend to be more concentrated on putting the bird down first and then be wondering about what was my V/S on landing

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Yeah that’s sad maybe if they implement that on the next replay update coming?

Yeah, I am also looking forward for the live replay system to be updated and be able to check my landings from all views :) (love doing that on pc Xplane)
Maybe a landing stats feature is something third party developers can include in their apps, pretty sure is not hard to code…it has already been done…and it is open source…


The fact that it is there, but doesn’t update as the rest of the HUD does on replay, implies it may be a bug which needs fixing. Hopefully the devs will look into it either way.


It would be awesome if there was a blackbox sort of feature that allowed us to review our flight stats at the end of the flight. This “box” would contain info such as weight on take off and landing, VS on take off and landing and many other parameters. That way we could see what our final VS and speeds are and better improve our approach and landing techniques.


Download LiveFlight Connect on your computer and it’ll tell you your landing stats!

does it work for mac?

It certainly does. All the information you’ll need on it can be found here

He’s aware that tells you everything as well, he’s asking for the app to analyse it in game without the need for a third party app.


But all the cool flight info doesn’t work on Mac, correct?

I apologize.


I’ve never used the Mac Version so cannot answer that for sure but I would assume it does. It’s free so try downloading it and seeing it does show the stats.

Yeah I have it on my Mac and can’t get it past the “you’re connected/joystick” page.

Assuming it’s a supported joystick and it’s all set up correctly there might be an underlying issue there then. Create a #thirdparty topic on it if you can reproduce it. Cameron or other more experienced users will be able to help you out there.

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I’ll consider it. I don’t want to hook up a joystick, though, I was just after the landing grade/details

I use live flight connect for every landing, but it would be soooiooo cool if IF would give the info itself to the pilot!


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