View From CID ATC Tower

In our ground school we came to CID. ( Eastern Iowa Airport) We got to tour the tower, and during the session they let us take some pictures. Sorry my pictures are not the best on a phone.


I suggest reading the topic I’ve attached below as you can’t see anything in this besides a tiny plane. Read the •Photo Quality• part.

Edit: He added a photo of an American eagle jet after this reply was posted.

Its not really a picture for planes just the view from an ATC. And it also says that those are not requirements.

To show picture of aircraft.

Okay, then tell me a better part to put this under?

I’m with the OP. I post photos from the cockpit of my plane… So what’s the difference?

Instead of trying to jump on someone for sharing some very interesting photos, why not ask questions about the trip, the aircraft he saw and how busy the controllers were? I’m sick to the back teeth with people trying to moderate, poorly.


I think adding this will help. This post definitely fits under #real-world-aviation:spotting

Instead of flaming people why don’t we use a more friendly approach?