View Flight stats

I think it would be awesome if we could view our flight stats for the flight like Flight aware where it shows our climb and what our cruise altitude was and our speeds throughout the climb, cruise and descent.

I feel like this would be an addition to live flight app, @Cameron, your thoughts

Cameron is the dev of Live Flight


This would be cool however attach some photos as to how it would look inside Infinite Flight.

Also like @hi15td said maybe suggest this to Cameron who is the manager of LiveFlight as this could be implemented into LiveFlight quite easily.

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I assume something like what Flight Aware has? This would come in handy so you can see that you did not turn on AP and kept climbing, etc.


I think he’s talking about a flight log, where it shows the position and activity of the aircraft throughout the flight after you end it. It looks something like this:

From what I’ve heard, FDS plans to implement something like this in the future (not sure). I do know that mods and staff members can veiw this info by looking up the Callsign.

I think he is referencing what Chris sent, but that is me.

Yes thank you. Exactly like this.