View entire aircraft traffic during game-play

Is there a way I can view all the aircraft in the game, I can only see 4 aircraft, even though I kept the setting at very high traffic. Please make it to the number of planes you want to see instead of Low, Mid, High or Very High. If we want IF to come close to realism, being able to see all the aircraft traffic around you is very important.

Suggestion: Make it a number (Ex: 4 planes, 5 planes, 10 planes Etc). If the gameplay gets affected because of airplane count, anyone can go and reduce it if they want. But restricting it to 4 is making me sad.

PS: I thought it is because of low internet speed, but even when I use high-speed internet, it still remains the same.


Allowing all aircraft to be seen around the whole server, is going to put a lot more pressure on your game and possibly have an effect on it. It’s a great idea, however it can have some consequences.

If you want to see all the aircrafts in the world, I would recommend using the LiveFlight application.

Hi there!

“Very high” does not restrict it to just 4 planes. Depending on your device, “Very high” should allow you to see 10-12 aircraft at the same time. They have to be close to you/your camera of course.

Take a look at what Laura said.

Let’s see what the new rendering system will do. :)