View count before response - Mobile View

When you post something in IFC, you can’t see how many people viewed your post until someone responds.

Here is a picture. This is from my recent post in #screenshots-and-videos. It doesn’t let me see how many people have viewed it until somebody responds. Idk this may be a stupid request to be able to see views before someone responds but what do you guys think?

On the tablet, laptop or PC you can see it :)


That’s only after someone responds though.

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Not really. If you look at the screenshot above, you would see your post with 0 responses. It had 10 views.

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I don’t see the 10 in the pic

There. 10 views, 0 responses.

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Guess I gotta get myself a laptop or pc ;)

I have an idea: I’ll change the title to “View count before responding - Phone Version” so that it will only apply to the phone version of IFC and not the desktop version.

you can also switch to desktop mode to see that

Nope, it doesn’t show the views (on the main page) still. You need to be on a PC to see it.

But, if you switch to desktop view you can see it when you click on the post.

Basically, as far as I’m concerned, IF can’t do anything because the forum is based on discourse

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it works for me

You can see the view count on the list view on PC/Desktop.

The view count is not visible on mobile if nobody has replied. This is a limitation of discourse trying to maximize the real estate of the screen.


I understand. Thanks for responding. :)