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Welcome To Vietnam Virtual Airlines!
After one month of preparation and countless hours of hard work, Vietnam Virtual Airlines is proud to announce that we are launching Vietnam Virtual Airlines! We are working hard to keep our airline running with staff & pilots and adding new features to attract other people to our airline! We are your virtual airline from the east to the west!

About Us

Welcome to Vietnam Virtual Airlines, This airline started being worked on in May because I believed I could try to make this airline one of the best airlines and after a month of preparation and countless hours working on the website we were able to become a virtual airline on the 16th of June, 2017. We are trying our best to improve on old features to improve and create more features for the virtual airline. We hope that in the future we can join Infinite Flight’s leading virtual airlines.
Our Mission
Our mission is to offer people a realistic experience being part of a virtual airline, give you the most friendly experience, to give everyone a chance at being part of a virtual airline, and to create a difference from other virtual airlines.

Pilots & Opportunities

Pilots are key to an virtual airline in infinite flight including our VA. That is why at Vietnam Virtual Airlines we are constantly thinking of more ideas to give to pilots for them to have a more realistic experience with our airline, especially with global coming up. As of June 15, 2017 we operate 22 routes in 3 different regions with the Boeing 787-900, Boeing 777-200, and the Airbus A321. The amount of routes we fly now is expected to increase when global is released. Our airline is all completed with PIREPS(Flight Forms), A flight school, A ranking system that consists of 4 different ranks, A Communication App, and a team of hard working, dedicated, and respectable staff and pilots. Vietnam Virtual Airlines is the ideal place for a experienced virtual airlines pilot, or a first time virtual airlines pilot.
Below is routes and our fleet

[details=Routes]Southern California
San Francisco
Singapore & Kuala Lumpur
WMKK-WMKJ [/details]

Our Fleet

Boeing 787-9 (VNA Livery)
Boeing 777-200ER (Generic Livery)
Airbus A321 (VNA Livery)

As the release of global is getting closer us here at Vietnam Virtual Airlines is preparing by adding routes from our real life hub (Tan Son Nhat International Airport)(SGN) that is flown by Vietnam Airlines In real life and we will be adding airport information which includes runway number and airport gate at every airport we connect to so pilots know which runway to land on and which gate to park at.
Partnerships We are interested in partnerships with other airlines and will be willing to talk about partnerships please email or PM @Vietnam_Virtual about any partnerships.

Our Company

Chief Executive Officer: @Vietnam_Virtual
Chief Operations Officer: @TheCuriousPilot
Media Manager: Available
Customer Service : Available Available
Pilot Trainer: @IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler
Route Development Team
(Please Message @TheCuriousPilot If You Are Interested In One Of These Positions)

[Our Website] Work in progress
Our Instagram
Our Twitter

Next Event

We are currently planning one.

Well, that is our Virtual Airline. Do you like what you are seeing? If you do, join us on the page below! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us on our website or by emailing! We hope to see you flying with Vietnam Virtual Airlines soon. In the end, everybody deserves to Experience More. We Are Always Hiring Pilots!(Must Be Flying Level 2 or Higher In Order To Meet Our Requirements)


Hello, We are truly sorry for being inactive for the last few months but issues have come up in my personal life but today I would like to inform everybody that we will be hibernating until global is released in the meantime we will be working on routes and a new website. All applicants please wait until our new website is posted.

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I want Pilot Trainer but you should add ATC trainer and I would take both

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Thank you for considering to join!

ATC Trainer? Could you elaborate on that?

Chúc may mắn! Tối đa


Thank you, @Maxmustang


Very organized topic you guys have going here. Awesome job. Hopefully you guys build a big staff team!


As in training people to run ATC for your events so you dont have to utilize IFTSATC or IFATC.

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Thank you, and hopefully we do!

I will be getting in contact with you shortly about something.

Okay, thank you for informing me!

Congrats! I need to inform all my Vietnamese friends!

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looks dope but you might wanna change the header photo on the main page of the site. not very high resolution and it doesn’t look too good on my 1080p monitors.

Best of luck to you guys, I like the marketing of the VA.

I realllllly like your IFVARB certification tick though, swear I’ve seen it somewhere before though ;-) Tongue in cheek


Just saying (and sorry if I’m going off topic here) anyone recognise the terminal buildings in the second picture? And have I missed anything about terminal buildings being included in global? Or is that just a picture of real planes or another flight sim?

I would assume it isn’t IF.

Looks very neat and organised! Might consider joining as a pilot.

Thought so. Just looking at the grass, looks too detailed to be IF to me.

Hi, @LJohn I would like to inform you that is real planes in the second photo. :)

Hello, @mrpidgeon, thank you for your feedback we will try to get better photos next time! :)