Vietnam and Singapore trip Aviation experience Photos 787,350,330

I recently went on a great trip to Vietnam and Singapore here are some photos from my aviation experiences if you want to use photos ask for permission :)

Thai 777-200ER bound to Bangkok with Qatar 777-200LR bound for Doha and Jetstar A320 in background

Cathy Pacific A350 bound for Hong Kong

Emirates A380

Picture of A350 with 2 A380’s in the Background

The first flight was on a 3 year old Air New Zealand 787-9 from Auckland to Saigon

New Zealand Scenery just after departure in a 787-9


Cruising above Northern Australia sadly cloud cover so i could not see beautiful landscape


Intimidating Black storm cloud that we changed course to avoid over Malaysia

The next flight was on a Vietnam Airways 17 year old A330 to Da Nang

Tan Son Nhat airport from the air

Beautiful Approach to Da Nang

My next flight was back to Siagon on a A321

Shot as I left the plane

Shot of vietjetair A320 when i was on airport bus transferring to terminal

Shot of China Airways A330

Shot of China Airways flight departing with Cathay A330 starting to taxi

My next flight was a 4 year old Singapore Airways A330 to Singapore

Shot of the aircraft i was flying in

Cruising at 40,000 feet!

The final flight of the trip was a 2 year old Air New Zealand 787-9 from Singapore to Auckland

Shot of tropical islands as I flew over Indonesia

Beautiful picture of the barren Australian west coast

Picture over middle of Australia

going quite fast over the Australian eastern coast typical cruising 920km!

Hope you enjoyed pictures :)


great pics and beautiful scenery!


Wow, that scenery is simply stunning in my own opinion!

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i have to say that if i were to pick any airline to fly to europe from australia with, i will always try and go with singapore airlines.
i recently travelled with emirates from australia to italy, and i have to say that i was impressed but not as much as i was when travelling with singapore airlines.

excellent photos btw

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Yeah even the singapore airways a330 was good cant imagine how good there other aircraft our i prefer air new zealand still

Beautiful pictures! All of them really great


Why did you go on a plane from Saigon to some airport I don’t know and back?

Because i was visiting the city i stayed at da nang for 5 days then flew back to saigon

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