Vietnam Airlines Round 2 @ Dulles Airport | July 8, 2020

The Vietnam Airlines 787-10 came back to Dulles on Wednesday for the second time ever, the first time being in May 15th. It came to deliver some cargo, but it was mainly to return stranded US citizens in Vietnam to the US, and to deliver cargo and Vietnamese Citizens back to Vietnam. The two US destinations that Vietnam Airlines flight 1 is flying to are San Francisco and Washington, DC. It is currently landing in San Francisco.

This aircraft, like the Delta A220, landed on the center runway (1C) to head off to the cargo apron for parking. I went back to the Daily 2 garage in the almost 100 degree weather to get the pictures. While I was on the roof (there was one other spotter there), a cop car came up and waited until I was done taking pics and was very friendly to me and my mom. He asked me what was so special about the aircraft and what it was doing here, and let us go on our way. We went to the same parking lot next to the cargo area where I got some pictures along the fence, also where an Omni Air 767-200 pushed back and started up the engines. A word of advice: never stand behind the 767-200 engines when they are spooling up for taxi! We ended up running into the same cop there!

Well, enough jabber, time for the pictures!

Just after touchdown with the stored UA 767s and 777s behind

Taxiing to the cargo apron

A view of that lovely bright blue nose!

A view from the edge of the lot

That very lovely engine!

The aircraft from the left

An Omni Air 767-200 pushing back

What was your favorite image? Which one would be best for Jetphotos?

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Sorry, only the United planes interest me.

Just kidding (weโ€™ll, maybe not). These are beautiful photos and the engine shot is the best ๐Ÿ™Œ. Looks like you enjoyed yourself too!

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Probably the second one for JetPhotos, assuming no heat haze


The second one is the only one that can make JP. There are obstructions in many photos and I donโ€™t believe the engine closeup works for them. The second one will need a good amount of editing to have a chance probably.

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The Vietnam Airlines livery never fail to impress me. ๐Ÿ˜

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I spent a lot of time on the engine one lol. I certainly found it exciting!

There was a little heat haze, but I donโ€™t think it is much of a problem


Iโ€™ve seen them allow it before

It is one of the best out there! That shade of blue and the gold stripe are what make it so perfect!

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Did you get access to the ramp? Or is the parking lot really that close?

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The lot is right on the fence around the ramp


Sounds sweet!

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Certainly was!

Pretty fantastic shots, well done!

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Thank you!

Epic shots, especially the closeup of that engine ๐Ÿคค

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Number 2

I love them, wow! Great spots!

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It is my favorite too!

Thank you!

Really cool pictures once again, especially the close-ups. Thanks for sharing!

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The blue color of Vietnam Airlines really please the eyes :)

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Wow! Nice catch. Love the Blue and Gold of the Vietnam livery. My favorite pic is the one of the engine. IMO the photo best for Jetphotos is the second one.

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Wow Very nice photos, love the 5th one!

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Glad you liked them!

I know, right!

It is a lovely livery! I like the engine pic too!

Thank you!