Vietnam Airlines New livery Boeing 777-200ER


That’s a gorgeous livery!!!

It resembles a lot KLM 2015 livery. Exepct with the different shade of blue and the airline logo


Check out this livery, its amazing.

Lovely!😍gorgeous livery!!

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I would really really like this!! I want to fly Sydney -> Ho Chi Minh City.

This livery suits the 777 perfectly!

This was cool new livery.

Wow gorgeous livery!

I would like this livery in the 777!

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I was actually looking for any B777’s in Vietnam Airlines liviery today and was disappointed to find out we don’t currentley have one , so had to use the B787 instead.

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hope they can add this

Bumping some old threads :)

Lets make this great again!!

Apologies for bumping this, but this definitely was missed out in the update, and hopefully can be added in a future patch!