Vietnam Airlines | Airbus A330-300

Nice ! Livery

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Sky dancer

What… 😂?

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A330 mean skydancer for me 😏

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Hope this livery will be added

That would be great ! if this livery added

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Will they able to add this? I am afraid that this is an old livery

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I need this one BAD

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Would love to see this in the sim… you got my vote!!

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They will add this livery if the voting comes up over 70 votes

Thank you. Don’t forget to click yes in the poll

Keep it on the top!

Hope to see this in the future! 😍😍 Here is my vote for you!

a very good plane but it left vna’s fleet :(

Yeah, but we still hope that one day it will come to the game

Thank you guys!!! 😍

I’d like to see my country’s airline on my favorite aircraft! Got my vote.

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Great! Now we have 57 votes!

Let’s reborn this livery :(

gotta have this livery in the sim. it’s one of the few non-white liveries out there.

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