Vietnam Airlines Airbus A330-200

It will be great to rework All Airbus A330 and add this awesome livery.


Is t 200 or 300?
But is looks Nice like the colors

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its 200 Vietnam doesn’t have 300 .

This is beautiful it would be nice to fly one day when the A330 gets a rework

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Yeah me too … i hope.

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This is an awesome international operator with a great livery and long-haul aircraft. Totally suitable for Global!

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Of course …

Vietnam Airlines is in my top 10 favorite liveries list it’s so beautiful, and I love the A330 series hopefully they will one day rework the physics of it and add more liveries and update it.

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We wish that my friend.

Yes we do @Sphinx

Not bad. Not bad at all. (Better than at least some liveries I have seen)


Wow this topic was a while ago.