Vietnam Airlines A350-900

Vietnam airlines have 4 A350 aircraft in their fleet with 10 still on order, the first flight in full service with Vietnam airlines was on the 3rd of July 2015.

This livery looks stunning on the aircraft, it definitely should be added if the A350 is going to be in its way to Infinite Flight!

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Pretty livery

sorry I can’t like by the moment I ran out of likes :(


Nice livery, why it wasn’t requested previously?


That was for the dreamliner

He’s not asking about the 787, anyway his question was rhetoric. It’s a nice pretty livery!


The livery fits very well with the A359


I know I saw that every other livery was requested for the airlines that operate them but Vietnam was the second customer so I double checked as it didn’t seem right that it wasn’t requested, I still thought this topic would be a duplicate though

As @aledamico said, it was a rhetoric question, no need to answer, but it’s a nice livery!

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It has a question mark that’s means it’s direct and not rhetorical, I don’t get how that could be classed as rhetorical anyway 🤔

Because he was just saying why the beauty wasn’t requested, he didn’t expected an answer. Now please back on topic😊


I want to see VN on A359 tho ;)

It’s A886, is this what you are taking about?

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Another sweet looking livery for A350 😋😊, great request chatta !

So Pretty livery!

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Yes i love it

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Lovely livery, looks great on the 787 and on the A321.

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This Skyteam Livery looks great!


Well I’ll be damned. Forgot all about this feature request! 😂

I’m certainly enjoying this aircraft now though :)

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