Vietnam Airlines A350-900 SKYTEAM Livery

Hey There Community!
Recently Vietnam Airlines release their new A350-900 SkyTeam Livery, and at first glance I fell in love with it.
In the future once the A350’s graphics and stuff become better known to the developers I would hope to see them add this absolute beast of a livery to the A350-900, would you?

Here is a video of it in action ⬇️

Thanks for your time!


Don’t forget to vote for your own request! I also think you should put a little more detail and information into your post.

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i agree with jack, explain how this plane could benefit in the game, and you may get some more votes on this plane. also we should still wait until the airbus a350 comes out in infinite flight.

Well I have actually put more writing into this request post than most, there is not much else to put other than say that I hope the developers add it🤷‍♂️

What I mean is tell us about the livery. How many a350s does Vietnam Airlines have? What is the livery about? Tell us information and then people would be interested in voting.

Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350-900 SkyTeam Livery at NRT Airport, Japan. Posted on Twitter.



Would be amazing if they can add some SkyTeam, Star Alliance and OneWorld liveries in the future :)

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surprised that such a unique and beautiful livery has so few votes