Vietnam Airlines 787-10


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With new updated scenery now covering all of the world especially south east Asia and Vietnam airlines having just recently taken their first 787-10 delivery I believe it’ll be a great addition and it’ll also motivate IF users to fly more around South East Asia Vietnam in particular and my last point will be that the devs have already confirmed the A350 and we already have Vietnam airlines A321 and 789 if we add this beauty and then the A350 the Vietnam airlines fleet will be almost finished with the only aircrafts remaining will be the ATR 72-500, A321neo and A330-200 (which will be retiring in the near future).

Please vote!

Nice looking aircraft, I cant see my self freeing a vote for it though

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That’s all good mate thanks for checking it out anyways ;)

YES! We need this! Clearing a vote for it.

Idk if you can tell but I’m a HUGE 78X fan.

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Thanks mate! It’s hard not be a fan of such a beautiful aircraft 😛😂

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Little nudge. I really love this livery because of the blue.

Though… uh no votes :(

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Please make this great again!

Guys, let’s vote

Wow… Chào bạn!
I’m glad to see a Vietnamese here so why not a vote for Vietnam Airline.


Can we get some more vote please?

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Please folk? We need more 787-10 livery :(

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Yes please! This livery is awesome especially for domestic routes in Vietnam like PQC-SGN. I had the privilege of flying that route on this plane, would love to have it in IF!

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Yeah, we also need more livery for the 787-10 variant!

Bumping this!!


Bump this!

The 5th 787-10 of Vietnam Airlines is going to be delivered at the end of this May

Photo source: internet (Google)

This one for sure got my vote. Hopefully added in time with 3D Vietnamese airport to come :)