Vietnam 675 Squawk 7600 (Radio failure)

Second emergency on Flightradar24 today!


Wow a vertical speed of -4000? I wonder what the problem was/is…

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Wish it isn’t a huge problem duh ;-;

how do you understand a plane is in an emergency?

By squawk, 7600 is for radio failure, 7700 is for serious emergency (we’re going to heaven) 7500 is for hijacking

any way to get the squak without a subscription?

7600 isn’t an emergency, it’s just a way for pilots to inform ATC that their radios aren’t working. Most airports have specific procedures and approaches if you have radio problems. Squawking 7600 informs ATC that you are following these procedures, so they can do the necessary things to give you spacing

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It’s light emergency, that’s my thought, as you should be first in line, cause you can’t communicate. Well I’m not pro, so I’m just guessing, thought that even radio failure is counted as emergency

There isn’t something called a “light” emergency, for example - if you squawk 7700 ATC will ask you “Are you declaring an emergency?”. This is because an emergency is handled according to completely other procedures. 7700 has its procedures, so has 7600. :) But it isn’t an emergency


Mats are you a pilot?

According to his profile he is.

Read his bio. “instructor in an Boeing-certified, full size B737-800 simulator.”

@SuperKid_HD @Kyle_Gabriel_Pelegri no :)

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