Vienna to St Martin

Flying (Insert rich Austrian person) to their vacation in St Martin in the Citation X!

Vienna (VIE/LOWW) to St Martin (SXM/TNCM)
Training Server
Flight time: 10:01

Goodbye, Vienna! We won’t miss the cold though.

Sunset with the Austrian landscape.

Hello there, London! (MUST read in British accent)

Descent into St Martin. Can’t go wrong with some beautiful Carribean islands. (I’m still waiting for 3D San Juan, IF 😒)

Some spotters and beach-goers catch the stunning Citation X.


Let me know where to fly (Rich Austrian person) next!


These look great! Nice flight.

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fly them to bora bora


Really nice shots mate ! :)

You should take them to Ibiza, Nice or Honolulu ;)


Fly from Nice to Funchal, and amazing screenshots:)

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Thanks everyone!

Nice pics!

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The president!

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Miami Florida!

Alright! Might take a while but I’ll try to do them all :)