VIDP textures not loading

So basically I just finished a flight (VECC-VIDP) on the Expert server while connected to all the online servers as you can see in the top right. The odd thing was the runway textures loading but not taxiways. And yes, I had cleared my scenery cache.

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Hey there!

Have you updated to the latest hotfix, 21.06.01? That should have fixed it.


there is already a bunch of similar topics about this issue.
The most prominent is this one:

Read it carful and follow the advice given by the Developers.

Yep, I’ve updated to the new hot fix version.

Did the hot fix solve your issue or are you still experiencing this bug

I just had this same issue.
I had to get off runway and close down the app. Sorry to ATC if I wasn’t on the taxi way and ruined your grass 😳

You have downloaded the update as well, correct?

Yes thank you

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I have noticed the same problem after I did the hotfix

Well it’s good it’s not just me having this issue.

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