VIDP Taxi procedures

Just completed a lovely flight into VIDP Home Airport about an hour ago and then I was spotting and I noticed a problem, There was a chokepoint for taxiing aircrafts. A conflict between arriving aircraft and departing aircrafts, From and to, Runway 28. @ThomasThePro got stuck here too :(

To help you out here’s a little something that might help.

Two hotspots here in this diagram, but I did not see a problem here.
The hotspot here is what I’m talking about.

Also note, for a little extra realism,

  • 27 is generally used for nothing bigger than an A321.

  • Air India and Jet Airways only operate out of T3 while, IndiGo and Spicejet only operate their international flights out T3 and the domestic out of the north domestic apron.

  • Terminal 2 is rarely used, in this case, only by IndiGo.

Happy Flying! :)


Thank you for the information! I will try to use this information when I am controlling but I can’t promise you all of this will be put into play (traffic issues).


Nicely put. It’s rare to see Indian airports getting threads like these and when they do, I’m really glad :)

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I really wish many people see this
Because this conflict didn’t happen once nor twice
Thanks for the informations


Also, just letting you know :)

Every International Airline flying to a destination internationally departs from Terminal 3. This is known as the International Terminal sometimes as well by many people :)

I only know this because I visit Delhi every year for around 1 1/2 months


It would be easier to implement this if the taxiways had their appropriate letters but it would probably add too much complexity for both pilots and IFATC.

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Yes, Thank you for mentioning that!

Another pointer to my notes would be,
Both Domestic and International flights operate out of T3, but T3 IS the only terminal to operate international flights.

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