VIDP🇮🇳-KSFO🇺🇸 Photos

Route - VIDP🇮🇳-KSFO🇺🇸
Aircraft - Boeing 787-8
Livery - Air India (Air India 173)
Server - Expert
Total Flight - 16hrs 25mins
Distance - 6660nm

Taking off Runway 28 at 9pm IST

Flying over Shanghai about 5hrs into the flight

Sunrise over the Alaskan Islands

The moon lowering during the sunrise

Landing runway 28L at around 7 am PST

Taxied to San Fransisco International Terminal Gate G100


Nice shots! I’ve done this route twice, but the other way around. Looks like you had a nice flight! Keep it up!!

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Thank you, I have some flights planned that I will do soon.

Nice pictures, love the cockpit shot:)

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Beautiful pictures !

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