Videos are green

I bought a new phone
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime but my videos are still coming out green

Android users can record replays on their devices

My recordings are coming out green

Is it just for Infinite Flight videos? Or are you having the same problem with other videos?


I noticed that you’ve experienced this same issue previously but with a different device. Like your last problem, it seemed to be an issue with your lack of system resources.

Could you kindly provide the specifications of your Galaxy J2 Prime?

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Android users have the ability to record using an in-game screen recorder.

iOS uses Airshou, but that’s now only broadcasting

Ok so your saying your recording of Infinite Flight videos are coming out green?

Ugh not again with this -_- Your device may be lacking system resources. Try to get a newer Samsung device, like the Samsung Galaxy S7. You can use other screen recorders instead of using the in-game recording system. Hope this is helpful.

This is the result after recording on his device.

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Night Vision Mode confirmed.


It is probably the lack of device system resources.

Just infinite flight

Its 8gb
Have 8 miga pixel camera


Ram, storage, etc…

681mb ram
7.7gb storage

There’s your problem like I said. You have very little RAM so videos don’t record properly. You’ll have to wait until you have a device with an adequate amount of RAM.

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Wow it looks like a computer virus😬😬

How much RAM

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