(Video) Which Country are International Airports in?

To sum it up, this video is made by Wendover Productions. This channel has made several other aviation related videos such as “The Economics of Airline Class”, “Why Airplanes Don’t Fly Faster”, and How Budget Airlines Work" which all also have a respective IF community topic.

This video goes over the information regarding which country you are technically in while having a stopover in an international airport while staying in the terminal, as well as some interesting jurisdiction and border facts. Some surprising issues that arise with this are covered in detail in the video.

I have personally never considered the issues or even thought of the topic before. So for me, this video as a whole was very intriguing to watch, and I felt it was good enough to share with the community. I rarely ever post or share videos, so I hope you all found this as interesting as I did and feel free to share your thoughts and comments about it below! :)


There is no universe in which Wendover Productions will have uploaded a video and I wouldn’t have watched it within 24 hours.


That moment you cancel your flight because you want to see what Wendover has uploaded…


I love the bad advice at the end xD


Great video! I never thought of international airports that way:-)

Plus I got a 10% off coupon at Hover😉

Watched the video last night, I love Wendover productions :)

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I watch wendover and have found all of his videos fascinating. He’s absolutely killing it right now.


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