[Video] Welcome new 777

Since the new 777 is now out, I decided to take the time this make this video hope you enjoyed it and I appreciate any feedback and questions you have about it.

Here are some screenshots


Bits of this video was supposed ported over from another project, saying goodbye to the old 777. But I wiped my gallery clean, being oblivious to the fact that I would lose them. When I booted up the replay for the old project, everything was replaced with the new 777 including the FDS livery (or Infinite Flight 2015), which was changed to Infinite Flight 2019

The old 777 model used in the video is the 777-200LR, because of the said wiped gallery, I could only use the generic livery as it was common in both aircraft

2 apps were used, PowerDirector and KineMaster. Majority was done on KineMaster

The 5 second pause at the start was due to a epilepsy warning, but I wanted people from all walks of life to be able to view it, but I don’t want to sync everything again by erasing it.

The song (in the YouTube description) is used because of the suspense it can give


great video! my fps for the video drooped down a lot bc the servers where probably full when you used free cam. Nice Job Buddy :)

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