Video Tutorials? [Poll]

Hey guys, general question for the community: Would it be helpful for users if professional video tutorials were made for Infinite Flight? These would range from flight basics (like tilt, roll, throttle, gear, flaps) to learning how to interact with ATC (without getting ghosted on the advanced server) to successfully performing ILS approaches and mastering patterns. This might help newcomers and intermediate players alike with improving their skill in Infinite Flight. Just an idea… Vote between 1 and 4, 4 meaning you’d love to see video tutorials.

  • (4) Yes, I definitely need video tutorials or I’ll nose dive into the runway
  • (3) Sure, I know how to fly, but some professional tutorials to touch-up my skills and realistic approach to it would be nice
  • (2) Well, I know almost everything there is to know about Infinite Flight, but I’d also like to master the advanced aspects of it
  • (1) No thanks, I’m an expert and I don’t need help

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My choice 4 ;), you could create some tutorial using Flightradar24 ground movements with IF voices. You can create hold short, line-up… sorta of things for biginners?

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Tutorials would be great for beginners and great for more advanced users trying to refine or correct what they already do.

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I think for begginer users videos should be made anyway… That’s my opinion.

For me it’s number 1, but (well made) tutorials are always helpful, especially for beginners.

Voted for 4.

Agree I think some vids would be great for new users to master. Think I very important one would be on how to set up the tool bar at the bottom of screen to get the settings you need. When first had the update took me a while to figure it out and nearly stopped using IF!!


Even though I am a pretty good pilot overall (I would say), I would love to see some tutorials for the newbies of the community. It would definitely help out.


Awesome…you may think I am a good pilot but I can NOT do a full flight without autoland

I think an ATC tutorial would be nice also

We could do ATC tutorials later on, but the purpose of this is to educate people about how this whole Infinite Flight thing works. There’s a lot to take in so obviously it wouldn’t be one video either.


Are you thinking of making a new channel completely dedicated to Infinite Flight tutorials? Because you could possibly use the already populated Infinite Flight channel.

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Or use my own YT channel, I don’t really care. Possibly IFAO’s?

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That’s a great idea!

I can’t play Advanced server on infinite flight with ATC because it’s said my current level is 2 but it has to be 3 and the server is not accessible help plz ???

Check this post

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Should the tutorials be made, where would they be located? In the app or in the forum?

They would probably be posted on YouTube, and the link would be posted on the forum. Over time this topic has become less of an action and more just a poll, anyone is welcome to do these but I surely don’t have time these days.