[Video] Turkish B737 landing at DUS (1080p).

Comment and criticize (constructively).


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It is. I tell you, I found a recorder for Android, so I might be doing other, non-IF stuff. And I´m also learning how to use OBS recorder.

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What, isn´t reverse thrust used to the max? Nobody told me nothing if it isn´t the case.

Nice landing. Isn’t 22% trim a little much though? I usually use 3-5% trim for narrow body aircraft.

It depends on the weight and speed. I found out that at 138kts for landing, 22% trim would help me keep the aircraft stabilized on the approach, without needing to pull so much on the yoke if I missed the glidepath.

Beautiful touch down. What do you do to keep the glideslope steady? It is very diffcult for me to make it steady while approaching the runway.

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Practice. That’s all I can say. And fly while seating on a firm surface.