[video]Take off at sunrise | EGLL - EHAM | six minutes time-lapse

Hello! I am Damper. Recently I took some flights and I took one video.

A359 at EGLL

I took off from EGLL and landed at EHAM. EGLL is always busy. But it gived me a sense of reality. Communicating with atc ,watching the planes took off one by one, I felt the interests of flight.

With the attitude increasing, the sky became more blue and I gradually calm down.

EHAM is also special. It has many runways. When I was approching, the plane was overweighted and the speed was too slow so it began to shake.

Click the picture and you can watch the video


It is my first time to take video. So it isn’t good enough, please tell me an I will try my best to make it better. Your support will undoubtedly help me a lot

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