[VIDEO] Storm at Schiphol!

Today, there are wind speeds of 130KM/U. 260 flights are cancelled ate the i’m Writing this! Here is the livestream:


Geez, aren’t you feeling cold?

You better check on FR24 if there’s any inbound traffic, otherwise you’ll camp there for nothing.

The pilots seem to be handling it well though.


I landed at EBBR earlier with a 92kt headwind on approach and I believe a 30+ on landing I wondered what was going on across the pond


That’s no storm, that’s a rain depression.

Sorry I live in the Subtropics of Australia and we get big 20 minute storms in summer. These pilots are still skilled

I see on planefinder a 747 just did a go around

i am on Flightradar24 and why is there so many ground vehicles?

Wow high winds just took off in a MD11 and went sideways


yes i am in australia awsell and it is like one minute all sunny and then the next it is just this huge storm


Hmm, I wonder where they are diverting the inbound planes to?

Most of them are in holding patterns right now. There aren’t any planes currently diverting, but I’m not sure if there are any that diverted earlier.


Yeah seems like that, however I doubt they will continue holding for much longer or they won’t have enough fuel to divert. I think they soon will decide which airport to divert all the flights to if the storm doesn’t die down soon.

Haha wow just saw a KLM 744 takeoff!

This is insane!



Flights are diverting To EBBR…

Schiphol just posted a tweet, all incoming and outgoing flights are cancelled for an unknown time.

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I was not there, it’s a aviation news company that is streaming the stream

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Is it wrong that the first thought that poped into my head was XP.

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Yep, code rood in het midden van het land. In het Noorden was het vrij rustig.

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Sick crosswind landings, pilots seem to be handling it pretty well. Are the flights still cancelled?

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