Video: Shortest A380 landing? Style points anyway.

“Clear of All Runways”

Notice how my slip gets a major assist from the mountain on the way down…

Sorry for the video quality, I didn’t have an app to capture it and couldn’t download the app without losing the video

I don’t think that can be counted as a landing. All you did was flat spin it onto the runway 😂


Nope, it was more than landing- landing, taxi, and parking all in one maneuver. Not a lot of XP for it maybe, but when you’re carrying 500 rich people bound for Aspen you get them on the ground and to the slopes as efficiently as possible. I call it a landing at very least ;)


Rich people?, why rich…

They must’ve been, who else takes an unmarked airbus to Aspen? You should’ve seen it- these guys in first class commandeered the cockpit, armed with dozens of little cocktail swords, demanded I land it at the dirt airstrip just because it was closer to their hotel.


Wow… 😂, that’s quite a creative story from the depths of your imagination


Man it happens all the time

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I would not want to be a passenger on that :D


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