Video shoot @san Diego 14:30-16:30 on day it was posted

I finally got shou, so I can record my screen! So yea I’ll try out a video shoot, inspired by @zrhis.

So when will it be?

Also change your title format. Moderators get really mad when it’s wrong lol

I don’t know how to put it at that time because the yesterday photo shoot was September 15?!

Lol right now, but it was posted a bit ago, I had to take it down because I didn’t know zhris was doing it at the same time

Ok but is the photo shoot today? Even I don’t understand the right format title for events haha

Ok so I’m coming now

It’s right now. Until like an hour and a half from now

I’ll come I’ll be in a 737-700BBJ and will be doing pattern work probably

Wait what server? @Full_flight

atc playground

I’m there taxing now

i see you im the delta in the backround

Ok I see u

Cool, just rushed a landing in before I go out, intercepted the ILS on short final and didn’t quite get down to my desired speed in time, touchdown was early and bounced! Look forward to seeing the video though.

were you finnair

I was the Lufthansa A330, callsign corporate.

ahh sorry i was recording another guy that wanted me to record his takeoff. but i still gave you an after landing shot. sorry

I’m coming back around

Perfect!!! I’m glad you missed it :-D. Next time though, I would love to do a full flight and approach properly.