[Video] Seconds from Disaster: The Concorde

Its sad that one of the nails for Concorde´s coffin was an accident.


If I ever have time machine or would ever know someone that does, I will stop the accident (No joke)


Maybe by checking the Continental aircraft thoroughly.


Yep, or just show up in the tower and scream Air France 4590! Cancel takeoff clearance! Debris on runway! And then 100s of topics here like yours and videos on YouTube will be gone and filled with The Concorde Experience and/or The Stranger Who Saved Supersonic Travel


@Flory_Gee here it is

Ugh, what a sad video ;(
Thanks for sharing


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I’ve seen it a long time ago.
I have a hard time watching it. 😥

They clearly used the accident as a excuse to remove it from service as the costs were beginning to rise and I think Airbus were going to stop supplying parts but if God forbid a A380 crashed it wouldn’t result in them taking it out of service as it happened to the B747 many times when it was the biggest passenger plane and many died

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No they didn’t!
They wouldn’t have spent that huge amount of money to update the aircraft.
BA changed the entire interior too. It was beautiful.
The first flight after the accident, with all the upgrades was just before 9/11.
The airline industry took a huge hit.
Flying the Concorde was already so expensive that’s it was only for the happy few.
When passenger amounts went down, Concorde passengers dropped dramatically. It became unprofitable. In fact it became a money pit. :(
Such a shame. Such a beautiful aircraft.

Yeah, or someone should picked the metal cuttery before the plane took off :(. And this kind of accident wouldn’t happened

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They did spend a lot of Money by putting some sort of lining in the fuel tanks so if it ever ruptured then it wouldn’t cause a fire again but they decided to retire them after they had spent money on that I’m sure it cost just as much as the interior.

The Concorde was more beautiful than ever.
9/11 caused the end of the Concorde era.


I’ve seen this one too many times. If you want more “information” about it, I suggest watching the Air Crash Investigation episode. In my opinion, It’s more realistic, and it shows what really happened through trained actors. This one is a nice though!

And also, I forgot to mention the CGI is awesome. ;)


I heard the food service also declined after 9/11 because they needed to lower the cost. Also so they were cheaper to replace, as people always stole them. RIP Concorde…

This topic wouldn’t happen either 😂 Nor would the 787, A320neo, 777X, A330neo and A350

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Well in my opinion 9/11 was a big factor but it would be the same with all aircraft so they were going to make big losses anyway but it was a big factor along with the fact that Airbus were no longer going to supply parts which all in all meant the plane made no financial sense for the company

The Air Crash Investigation episode was at 240p, and this one at 360p.

I agree… I just don’t know how random time traveling avgeeks could make their way into the CDG tower and yell into the AFR 4590 channel cancelling takeoff clearance like we own the place. Not a bad idea though.

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And plus I’m looking to be an aircraft designer at Boeing :)