Video second try

I am flying from San Francisco(KSFO) to San Luis(KSBP) in a crj200. Please check it out and feel free to leave any comment and advice. If you like my video, please consider subscribing.

Flight time: 43min
Game mode: solo


Last time I published a video. It seems like it is too long. This time I tried to reduce the video length a bit. Is it still too long this time?

  • ok
  • Too Long!!!
  • still too short!!!

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Very shallow climb, bit too long

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Video is way too long IMO. Certain parts like the initial climb or approach can be sped up. Another suggestion: try flying in live when there’s ATC coverage. It makes your flight a lot more interesting because there will probably be some traffic. It’s okay though if you don’t have live.

I really like the timelapse music! And the callouts such as 80 knots, V1 etc are a nice touch! Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for the opinion. I will keep that in mind and try to improve it next time.

Thank you! The advice really give a good refrence for me to improve my video. But I do not buy ‘pro’ as I am using a low-end device. It proberbably cannot support it. Hopefully, I am able to buy a high-end device and play multiplayer in the future.

try turning on anti-aliasing in settings → graphics, to smoothen out those jagged edges, and you could possibly also give time-lapse a go! a great editor to use for this is VN!

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thank you! I will try that out

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I don’t mean to sound like “that guy” but some people (including me) can have that on after the recent updates.

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Anti-aliasing is good

Except for frame rate and device heat

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I tried it and you are right. I only got 3fps during cruise, lol. Seems that I cannnot turn it on.