Video report of my way to Melbourne and sydney

Hey guys on the 11th of may this year im scheduled in infinite flight to fly out of london heathrow and i was wondering if you guys would love a video? im doing 2 flights split screen (QF2 LHR → SIN A388 VH-OQD) and (QF9 LHR → PER B789 VH-ZND) and (QF2 SIN → SYD A388 VH-OQD) and (QF9 PER → MEL B789 VH-ZND)

  • Should I do a video of a full flight report?
  • should I do a video of the flight and the meal times etc and takeoff and landing shots?
  • Should I try and do a special video?
  • should I do it often?
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if i shoudl let me know and if you guys want to see more from the 11th of may 2024

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