[Video & Photos] C130 Hercules Low Flying Pass Over My House!

Hey all!

On holiday, I met a Hercules pilot. After talking for a while, he said “I fly over your house a lot, I’ll have to come in really low next time!”. Honestly, I didn’t think he’d come through…

(Video on the way!)


That is awesome!! You are a lucky guy.

Nice photos!

Yeah, it was amazing!

I get that a lot! Lol

Thanks bro.


Those are really great pictures and an awesome video as well!

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Thank you very much!

As said before, thanks fam!

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Just watched the vid, what an awesome low pass 👏


Yeah. He flew past three times, but that was the lowest.

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Wow, that’s amazing, I wish I could meet people like that. Nice photos too.

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Nice photos!

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Awesome photos mate

I saw one as well it was about to takeoff.

Lucky you he even waved in one of the photos you took.

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Yeah. I noticed that! It was awesome!

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