Video of the new Autoland and fog rendering

Update for Android is out. Here is a video I made today featuring the new Autoland and new fog rendering. The fog looks amazing!!


Can you upload one without fog?

I sure can :)

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Great! I’ll subscribe to your channel :)

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Watching it now :)

Does it work on Live?

Let me know if there is something else you want see or include :)

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Yes, it works on live

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Do you have time to do it on Live?
I’ll control at KONT in SoCal now. Takeoff there and remain in the pattern so I can see if that’s okay.

I’m gonna watch at kont xD ill do approach

Please guide pilots into runway 26L. Thanks :)

ok, runway 26L :)

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Do you have facebook? If so message me your facebook email so we can communicate more directly if you want to control for about an hour or two :)

Sry i want control much atm but sure some other time, is it ok if i use runways 08L and 08R aswell, i have an airplane wanting to land there atm

No. Tell them to follow instructions and land at RWY 26L please!!

He just left my frequency… Maybe others will be better

are you twr and grnd

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Oh we have a BBJ in parking ! :)

Yes I am tower and ground. Once the planes enter the red beacon things, tell them to contact tower.

I can confirm that it’s not Thomas.