Video From Inside EK521 [Crashed Jet Dubai]

All the passengers were evacuated safely, though I’ve heard reports that a firefighter died in the rescue efforts. That’s incredibly tragic, but when pictures of the incident came out earlier today, I assumed it could have been a lot worse.

But there is an incredible selfishness and/or cluelessness of these passengers, or perhaps both. Sadly this seems to be the case every single time video emerges of such an evacuation.

Hopefully, if any of us are in the situation, we won’t make the same mistakes.


Humans are not always so good at knowing how to act. If they look around and see others grabbing their bags and leaving, its probable they will do the same.
Especially if they are not a frequent flyer.

Crowd behaviour can be lethal though :(


Ugh, people grabbing bags and not leaving ASAP. Someone is going to be killed one day because of this behaviour.


I agree with you…

Ohh jeez the children screaming is a horrible sound in my ears.


That’s disturbing to say the least.

They need to include that in safety videos. More and more people who have never flown before are flying now and do not realize this bit of common sense.

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The thing is that flight attendants should be shouting “LEAVE EVERYTHING” during the evacuation, the problem is that people don’t listen.

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Emirates have one of the best cabin crew in the world but I didn’t see them play a role in moving these ‘stuck’ passengers to hurry up. They should have done that as well as shouting “evacuate the plane” which they didn’t in the video!

Hey, think about it. The cabin crew need to open the doors. That takes time. The passengers in that time need to give space to the cabin crew to open the door. In that time they probly thought to get their bags and the other people do the same That as a result clogs up the walk ways which led to that video. Seems like that happened. So don’t be so mean!!

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I don’t put it against them, it’s so loud in there they might’ve been shouting and no one would’ve heard them.

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Good point you have there. But I think the cabin crew should always be louder. Even shout it though the public address system.

I’m pretty sure the PA was dead since there was nothing powering the generators. Their voices will have to be it.

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