Video; Flying the "D".. A Windy Day Tutorial!

Max Sez. Pay attention… Hand & feet on flying!


I sure wish IF had properly working rudders. It is so limited and unrealistic right now, that the most basic flying techniques cannot be used right now, ie forward slips, rudder turns and rolls, etc.


That was a really good clip! Gotta love the cub

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@Thomas_Hense… Well Tom… Me & the “D” have a lot of hours. Although the Rudder is limited I agree, she will still perform basic maneuvers. Maybe not as concisely as the real deal but w/i limits. I’ve put her thru basic aerobatic maneuvers and get her inverted w/o a problem repeatedly. Some day we’ll get a rework or they’ll add an aerobatic bird like the Pitt’s. Till then what you see is what you get. Tits up! Max

The current rudder limitations work fine for the low wing airliners.
But what basic rudder maneuvers can you do other than adjusting the yaw in a crosswind?
Chandelles, hammerheads, knives edge, outside rolls, snap rolls, are impossible. Basic stuff like Cuban eights can be sorta done using ailerons. Even the easiest of aerobatics, flying inverted, requires the use of ailerons instead of rudder to maintain a heading.

But that aside, I would just love to do simple forward slips and rudder turns.

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