[VIDEO] Fly the busiest route in Indonesia

Good day, In this post I will share my screen recording work About Batik Air flight 7508 from Surabaya (WARR) to Jakarta Halim (WIHH).

This Time im flying on the most busiest routes in Indonesia. But reversed, actually from Jakarta (WIII).

Feedback, criticism and suggestions would be appreciated :) Make sure to subscribe my channel & like 👍 for more related videos.
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Hey mate! I just watched it!

I like it, but I just think you could work a bit more on the editing. And also, I noticed the IF for you was quite laggy. Is this normal?
Anyways, looking forward to more!

you could change the music though


hello, it is very nice except you could do a little bit more on the editing and also the video is a bit laggy. Music felt weird for me but overall it was a descent video

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@aaditrao , @AlphaSeven. Thanks for the feedback.

No, this shouldn’t happen and this is not normal. I think the cause is the connection of my device’s default screen recorder, so it’s possible I will use another application

for this problem I know it happened when recording Replay flights using my cellphone’s default recording application.

Yes, I realized it. On the next video i might more adjust to follow the atmosphere of the video.

Does anyone knows why i recording on Replay mode was look like laggy?

I have no idea, that’s why you should record your video during your flight, not in replay mode.

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I think this is true for me, because my previous videos also when the replay mode isn’t there my videos was normal. Thanks for the feedback

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